ESL Polish Championships are back. PLN 210,000 in the pool

In the autumn edition of the tournament ESL Polish Championships and ESL Sprite Women's Championships there will be 8 male and 8 women's teams that will compete the title of the best Polish team in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The first group of teams included: Actina PACT, advocate, Aristocracy, CLEANTmix, Illuminar Gaming, Izako Boars, and

The bright future of the Polish Silicon Valley. Which projects are already winning?

Start of the Digitization Festival The Digitization Festival itself lasts from October 1 to October 10. During its duration, participants have the opportunity to learn more about all top technologies, development forecasts for the new technology sector and to learn more about the causes and effects of digital transformation. The event also includes elements such

Polish Apple website in action! They replaced the iPhone 4 times with a new one and this one still doesn't work

The author of the text is Maciek Wodecki, who described in this material his own adventure with Apple and the company's website in Poland. And – a handful of (full) facts This is the story of one iPhone X 256GB, which under one warranty visited the site 6 times, was replaced 4 times with "new,