TVP and Polish Radio will receive almost 2 billion compensation

According to MPs' calculations, public media lost PLN 1.02 billion due to the fact that 3.77 million Poles are exempt from paying the subscription. According to KRRiT, Natomaist has not registered 7.97 million people, of which 4.58 million are exempt from RTV subscription. The annual defect was finally estimated at PLN 1.22 billion. Last year,

Computer and digital pen instead of paper and pencil? This is how a Polish illustrator works

Magdalena Pankiewicz is not an anonymous graphic artist who likes to scratch in her free time. She graduated from the faculty of painting at the European Academy of Arts, but is professionally involved in illustration. Her work has been published in the magazines Bluszcz, Zwierciadło, Charaktery, Japanese Commons & Sense and the Chinese Milk X.

The new Polish HBO series "Thaw". Prime Minister's announcements in HBO GO in 2020

Later this year, the new HBO Europe series will be shown straight from Spain under the title "Foodie love" about a couple who met through the application for food lovers. Is it enough for them to stay together? The premiere is already on December 25. And from January 2020 among the announcements of HBO appeared