Park of Poland – Suntago Water World. Purchase and reservation of tickets. What prices?

By browsing this website Park of Poland one can get the impression that the choice was good. The site is nicely made, eye-friendly and most importantly functional. In addition to the obvious elements accurately describing the attractions available in this water park, the key issue is the booking and ticket purchase system. It was also

Samsung provides a list of TV sets that are compatible with the new television standard in Poland DVB-T2

We informed you about plans to replace the DVB-T digital terrestrial broadcasting standard by DVB-T2 at the beginning of July 2019. It is already known today that this will take place until June 30, 2022. So we have two and a half years, so you should keep this in mind when buying new TVs. In

Mobile internet in Poland in 2019, according to the RFBENCHMARK ranking

Throughout the past year, we followed, alternatively, the more interesting monthly summaries of two competing tools for measuring the quality and speed of mobile networks – SpeedTest and RFBENCHMARK. This first site has already shared its summary of 2019 3 days ago, now it's time for RFBENCHMARK. You can read the summary of SpeedTest 2019