Do you also show random people in public transport sensitive data on smartphones?

I once mentioned that I like to watch what people do on their smartphones there – but this habit came from the desire to check which applications they use and which mobiles they play (which I usually do, however, when traveling). I've never been interested in the content of messenger or WhatsApp conversations. Seeing the

The bumps on the screen are normal. Motorola teaches people how to handle Razr

New solutions in the world of technology are associated with changes in the way devices are used. But still, I feel quite strange seeing how the smartphone manufacturer explains that strange-looking bumps on the display are something completely normal and that's how it's supposed to be. Motorola Razer, the legend returns I loved my Motorola

The annual TikTok results are impressive. Young people set trends that old men will not understand

I have 23 years for a month. I dare say that I am rather young than old. It seems, however, that I'm not a kid anymore and will never be. Colliding with this fact always hurts. When I stop understanding what's happening on the Internet, I feel it's time to die. All right, I dramatize