This is the end of Netflix as we know it. I don't know if it's going to be worse, but it's definitely different

Specific Netflix series in various ways How many times have you had the impression that one of Netflix's series or movies was inspired by another well-known production? I think that quite often and it does not surprise me at all, because in many cases this is what happened. Ozark resembles Breaking Bad in many ways.

"Searching for Diagnosis" on Netflix. He may have been good but he is … mediocre

I pulled seven episodes of this documentary series into one evening, but I was not happy. Lasting after about 45 minutes, stories of people who suffer from very rare, difficult to diagnose diseases may and are interesting, but definitely not enough "medical meat" in them. Those who are looking for demanding intellectual involvement in production

Disney versus Netflix. Users will be the victims of this "war" on the VOD market

This assumption comes from Disney, which does not intend to broadcast Netflix ads blocking them on its TV channels. After all, these are not lacking, and Netflix could cleverly remind themselves in this way to viewers of their favorite series broadcast on Disney Channel and others. If anyone has had doubts so far about how

6 Undeground by Michael Bay with Reynolds on Netflix

Do you lack any explosiveness in your life? Don't worry, it's coming soon 6 Underground. The latest Netflix work was done under the watchful eye of Michael Bay (Pearl harbor, Transformers), so we won't miss the explosion. Paul Wernick (Deadpool. Zombieland) and Rhett Reese (Deadpool. Zombieland). The screen will include Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool. Professional bodyguard).