A complete ecosystem on your smartphone. Huawei Mobile Services in practice

Great competition on the service market We are witnessing a really serious fight on the application market and various accompanying services. In fact, every major player on the market is trying to offer something of their own. However, it should be noted that few of them are able to guarantee a truly comprehensive solution. This

Attack on Virgin Mobile customer database. Sensitive data has been leaked

In the evening, the first day of Christmas, Virgin Mobile announced a hacker attack on its database on its websites and social profiles. Relevant information regarding the attack was also sent to clients whose data was stolen as a result of this attack. Virgin Mobile Polska regrets that on 18-22.12.2019 there was a hacker attack

PRO Speed ​​Test – who had the fastest landline and mobile internet in 2019?

Exactly a year ago, PRO Speed ​​Test obtained UKE certificate, thanks to which the results of measurements of internet quality and speed made with this tool from December 1, 2018 could become the basis for complaints, if they did not correspond to the operator's declarations when signing the contract, at least when it comes to