Microsoft is growing like steroids. Such results can be envied

The Productivity and Business Processes department grew primarily thanks to the Office 365 and LinkedIn services. Commercial products and services around the Office increased by 16%. Revenues from office 365 Commercial services have already increased by 21 percent year-on-year. LinkedIn generated 24 percent of profits while the number of sessions in the period under consideration

Ah, this unspoken Microsoft. It was not supposed to support Windows 7, and it patched it anyway …

Users who use screen-filling or centered wallpapers are not affected. But all you have to do is try to "stretch" the picture that will function as a wallpaper and … you will see literally nothing. Instead of the image you choose, you'll see a black background. This is not a thing that prevents you from

The Apple ecosystem is no longer so special. Dell and Microsoft throw the glove

Dell and Microsoft show that you can More and more companies are trying to create refined ecosystems, under which users will be able to conveniently use the smartphone on their laptop. Apple leads the field and in total almost everyone has heard numerous praises on this subject. Fortunately, competition with Windows shows that such luxuries