Samsung focuses on money not on the community. Linux not for Samsung Dex

Samsung gives up Linux Undoubtedly, Linux on Galaxy / Linux on Dex was a distinguishing feature for flagship smartphones. Thanks to it, phone users from the Galaxy S9, Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 9 lines had the opportunity to check Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and in this way their equipment gained incomparably greater possibilities. A full-fledged

Hell freezes … slowly. Microsoft Edge on Linux is getting closer

We've written about Microsoft's plans for Edge on Linux before – such information has been provided before. The giant itself did not really hide the fact that Edge will soon become a cross-platform project – anyway, there are absolutely no contraindications to this: in addition, the transition to Chromium significantly facilitates the functioning of the

linux deistributions

Top 10 Linux distributions. Which one to choose?

One of the advantages of using Linux is that, unlike Windows or macOS, you can customize it to your needs. This means that instead of one identical for all users of the version, we have many variants of this system. Choosing the right distribution is one of the most important decisions faced by those planning