Polish Apple website in action! They replaced the iPhone 4 times with a new one and this one still doesn't work

The author of the text is Maciek Wodecki, who described in this material his own adventure with Apple and the company's website in Poland. And – a handful of (full) facts This is the story of one iPhone X 256GB, which under one warranty visited the site 6 times, was replaced 4 times with "new,

iPhone and iPad are doing great

The premiere of the iPhone 11 meant that Apple smartphones got interested in people who had already abandoned iOS for Android and those who had not previously used the iPhone. The long-time Apple smartphone user is more skeptical about it. Here are three completely different views on the latest iPhones.

The biggest revolution in the iPhone in a year? Movie Memoji and Animoji

Reasonable transactions In the past, Apple decided to buy those companies whose solutions had the opportunity to hit the products of the Cupertino company soon after. Undoubtedly, searching and analyzing small businesses is great for them. It is enough to look at similar transactions from the past. The first major purchase of this kind is