Instagram will mark entries with false information. It is a pity that so late

See also: Instagram wants to force everyone to log in. Valuable changes disappear under the mantle of controversy Facebook (understood as a social website, not a giant managing other products) is for me a tool that is primarily the one that spreads misinformation … and still has a chance to make money. Apparently after the

Instagram wants to force everyone to log in and not joke about suffering

Instagram is testing more options to please users. Certainly not everything that they get for will be positively received. Let's start with these changes, which I would prefer to give a plus. The application takes on content oscillating around suicides and self-harm. The platform has expanded the scope of prohibitions regarding such content. This time,

child abuse social media

Instagram is the most widely used platform for sexual communication with children

The last month is quite a loud period when it comes to the issue of the use of children in social media. Of course, the most popular action takes place on YouTube, but the latest research throws not too favorable light on Instagram. What is going on? A report published by the National Association for