The annual TikTok results are impressive. Young people set trends that old men will not understand

I have 23 years for a month. I dare say that I am rather young than old. It seems, however, that I'm not a kid anymore and will never be. Colliding with this fact always hurts. When I stop understanding what's happening on the Internet, I feel it's time to die. All right, I dramatize

HBO's announcements for 2020 are impressive. Here are the new series and movies

New episodes of HBO series in 2020 Among the presented shots you will easily catch the titles that you already know and like, because the 2020 seasons are scheduled for the premieres of the new seasons "Westworld", "Barry", "Sukcesja", "The Righteous Gemstones" and "Insecure". The first of these series will have a big change, because