MateBook X Pro (2019) – fantastic screen, huge possibilities

After opening the flap we will see a huge touchpad, which immediately brings to mind some computers of a competitive company. Traditionally, above it we have a full-size, backlit keyboard (of course, forget about the numeric block), on which sides there are multimedia speaker grilles. These are compatible with Dolby Atmos technology, which makes the

How does Google manipulate search results? The scale is huge

Moreover, WSJ reached a former Google employee working on the algorithm, who admitted that the search engine is constantly facing "special exceptions" in which certain rules are implemented to neutralize them. Actually, this was done on the occasion of a very vivid statement: There’s this idea that the search algorithm is all neutral and goes

A huge dose of knowledge for everyone. START-UP DAY workshop

An interesting event for people interested in start-ups The START-UP DAY workshop is a presentation of the most interesting business ideas offered by Polish start-ups and specialized training in raising funds for the development and promotion of business activities, marketing and advertising, as well as the technological aspects of start-up development. The event is organized