"Average" Samsung results. "Not great, not terrible"

First of all, Samsung points to the so-called "Fading effect", which allegedly accompanies every product that is released on the market. Interest in, for example, another flagship significantly diminishes in the following quarters and this is until the next big premiere. However, it is worth knowing that Samsung's mobile business is doing really well and

Sony will take care of good February. Great games for free on PlayStation Plus

A decent collection of games As every month, the Japanese have prepared a list of productions that will appear free of charge as part of the PlayStation Plus service. Already in January, Sony surprised everyone by giving the subscribers interesting items, including Goat Simulator whether Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection (consisting of three phenomenal parts: Uncharted:

Tesla is reporting great results, the stock price is soaring, and next year is expected to be better

Record revenues and profit again When in the second half of 2018 Elon Musk claimed that he would like to remove Tesle from the stock exchange and even has money to do it at a price of USD 420 per share, then most analysts were banging their heads. In the end, nothing happened, and he

The great return of a cheap gaming smartphone. Here is the Pocophone Poco X2

Pocophone Poco X2 – what's new? Xiaomi Pocophone F1 was a surprising novelty. At a low price, it offered high performance, then known only on top-shelf models, and at the same time cost as much as other mid-range equipment. Undoubtedly, it was distinguished by a great price-performance ratio. In 2019, however, we did not see

Wuhan coronavirus – humanity has a great companion in the fight against such threats

BlueDot is created for such applications BlueDot operating in Canada is actively searching the media, news agencies for data on plant diseases and animals. The main goal of BlueDot is to react as soon as possible – before other countries begin to implement further security procedures on their side. People have it that they are