"Russian Google" will give you shopping home. Free, in a quarter of an hour

In Poland, we are not able to feel it, because Yandex is not a well-known company in our country. But do you know that Yandex already provides services in Russia such as: delivering food to your home, providing transport services through modern client channels and many, many more. In total sales, Yandex can boast sales

Apple corresponds to the European Union. The company does not want to give up Lightning

And well – it's hard to disagree. After many years of presence on the market, millions of accessories manufactured with Lightning connectors (Apple talks about a billion, although taking into account the deposits of products on Aliexpress – I am convinced that there are many more), the topic would be more complicated than it may

Firefox will give users "the ultimate weapon". Everything for data protection

The legal act gives the users much more rights to manage their data, its range is limited to the state of California in the USA. However, thanks to its introduction, all Firefox users will benefit from the ability to literally delete all the data that the browser and the manufacturer itself collected about them. And