The great return of a cheap gaming smartphone. Here is the Pocophone Poco X2

Pocophone Poco X2 – what's new? Xiaomi Pocophone F1 was a surprising novelty. At a low price, it offered high performance, then known only on top-shelf models, and at the same time cost as much as other mid-range equipment. Undoubtedly, it was distinguished by a great price-performance ratio. In 2019, however, we did not see

Gaming iMac or Macbook? Apparently, a gaming computer from Apple would hit the market next year

The topic of Apple computers and games has been around for years mainly in jest. Yes, smaller and larger publishers are more and more willing to release their productions on macOS, and determined players can simply install Windows. But let's face it: if someone wants a computer for games, it's not going to Apple. And