Sony will take care of good February. Great games for free on PlayStation Plus

A decent collection of games As every month, the Japanese have prepared a list of productions that will appear free of charge as part of the PlayStation Plus service. Already in January, Sony surprised everyone by giving the subscribers interesting items, including Goat Simulator whether Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection (consisting of three phenomenal parts: Uncharted:

The best games in 2019 and the new generation of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles

A pretty good year on the gaming market is behind us, and the next 12 months promises to be extremely intriguing, although for another reason. Because it is not games that will be in the foreground, but completely new consoles that are slowly revealing their secrets to us. Microsoft has already presented the appearance of

Smartphone users spent millions of dollars on games and applications during the holiday season

Joking and complaining about the mobile market is endless: that games are shells and pulling out money. Applications … what applications? No one serious pays for content, since you can have everything for free with ads – or even without ads, if you decide on one of the dozens of alternatives waiting in mobile stores.

Sony is taking PS5 backward compatibility seriously. The console will get special modes to support PS4 and PS4 Pro games

We wrote to you about PlayStation 5 backwards compatibility in April last year. The next information that comes to us about the console is primarily gossip and own investigations of global gaming and hardware services, which is why I'm waiting for official announcements from Sony myself – apparently some specific announcement is to appear in

Top 10 best games of 2019

I haven't checked every big game this year, so the list below will not include at least some interesting and strong titles. The statement is therefore very subjective and will probably differ from your Top 10. But I can recommend each of the following games with a clear conscience. The best games of 2019 Luigiā€™s