Fast and the Furious 9 – trailer and release date. I laughed, but I will go to the cinema

Vin Diesel decided to take the burden of developing the entire brand on his shoulders and does not intend to let go. Recently, spin-offs, "Hobbs and Shaw" appeared in theaters, and the 9th edition will debut soon saga Fast and Furious. Torreto, played by Diesele, would like to hide in the countryside, repair cars and

Fallout 76 players furious at Bethesda. 63 PLN for a subscription is an exaggeration

Bethesda Softworks surprised fans by announcing Fallout 1st, a subscription service for owners Fallout 76. By saying that the community responded on average, I would be enthusiastic about the truth. Absolutely everything went wrong. Players complain primarily about the price, which is higher nthat the Xbox Game Pass was forfeited, which offers access to a