Wuhan coronavirus – humanity has a great companion in the fight against such threats

BlueDot is created for such applications BlueDot operating in Canada is actively searching the media, news agencies for data on plant diseases and animals. The main goal of BlueDot is to react as soon as possible – before other countries begin to implement further security procedures on their side. People have it that they are

We fight for batteries for electricians. The European Union will help us

Consent to open this financing has been approved for seven countries: Germany, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Finland, France and Belgium – it is believed that thanks to this public funding around 5 additional billion euros from private investments will be unblocked on the market. The whole project is to be completed in 2031, and therefore in

Poland is at the forefront of countries that are best prepared to fight cyber fraud

There is no month in which we would not read about the next phishing scam of our clients' clients by cybercriminals and the theft of funds from their accounts or extorting loans on our behalf. What is worse, their techniques are evolving and can not be protected from them only by information or educational campaigns.