Lotos finishes testing its chargers on the Blue Trail, it will charge fees

Lotos finishes testing its chargers for so-called The blue trail, under which he created 12 charging stations, which are intended to enable a stress-free journey from Warsaw to the sea, and specifically to Gdansk. From tomorrow, it will charge a flat-rate fee, regardless of the charging time. The end of free electromobility This had to

Free hundreds of online movies. VOD platform from Plex without any fees.

Plex is primarily associated with those who have tried to watch a movie from a computer on a TV, although of course this platform allows much, much more. Convenient remote video playback (and audio) on various devices is, however, the most important feature of Plex, which has repeatedly allowed users to transfer their favorite content

Changes in fees for transfers to the EEA and withdrawals from ATMs abroad

And so, holders of cards issued to the accounts: eKonto Junior, eKonto opportunities, eKonto personal, ePonto PRP, mK Multi Active account, eKonto m (13-20 years and 21-24 years), eKonto with free ATMs, eKonto for young, WWJ and Package services, instead of the existing PLN 10.00 commission on cash withdrawals at ATMs abroad, from December 12

A significant increase in fees in the "More time for the Internet" promotion

The "More time for internet" promotion was released on February 4 this year. Thanks to it, customers who activated long-term plans with large data packages did not have to top up their account again after their expiration date to keep the bonus gigabytes valid. It was enough to activate the service to extend their validity