Residents of Wilanów with faster access to the network thanks to Emitel's mobile stations

The Wilanów District Office agreed with Emitel on this matter, which began to assemble its own antenna installations in this district, which are to strengthen the signal of our operators' cellular networks, as well as increase the capacity and speed of the network for the residents of Wilanów. Director of the Network Planning and Service

Supermercato24 acquires Szopi, ensures faster development

Supermercato24 acquires may not be growing as dynamically as American "unicorns", but it is gradually expanding its range and is currently available to clients in Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw and Poznan. The company collected several awards along the way and received funding in the total amount of EUR 1.7 million. Now, however, it will

Here is the second generation of the Google Assistant. It is supposed to be incomparably faster

Google Assistant is such a specific creation. We all had great expectations of him, and finally we left disappointed. A few days ago Kuba reminded him of this by listing 5 reasons not to use the Google Assistant. I must admit that I am also disappointed and after the first day of admiration I decided