Facebook should search and remove illegal content according to the Court of Justice

It all began with an offensive comment on Facebook about Austrian politician – Eve Glawischnig-Piesczek. An Austrian court ruled that it harmed her reputation. Currently in the European Union, Facebook and other such platforms are not held responsible for illegal posts published by users on them. Only when portal moderators are informed about inappropriate content

Facebook in a nervous mood. Zuckerberg's words are a little frightening

Facebook just after the scandals related to violations of users' privacy seemed unimpressed and decided to just do its job, possibly pay fines and subtly mute subsequent image crises as subtly as possible. European governments intend to summon Zuckerberg to testify, but he tries to slip away from officials so as not to deepen the

Facebook gaming – in materials from paid patuses, they fly non-stop

Facebook gaming is a concept that was supposed to compete with platforms such as Twitch. This project was an inherent failure from the very beginning, Facebook does not understand players, does not understand this phenomenon, but tries to do something of its own. Unfortunately, the platform is not going so well, as can be seen