European politician states: 'Facebook supports Trump's re-election'

Soros in Davos spoke quite clearly about what he thinks about the relationship between Facebook and Donald Trump, who will seek re-election to the office of the President of the United States. I think there is an informal mutual support action or agreement between Trump and Facebook. Facebook will work on re-choosing Trump, and Trump

Apple corresponds to the European Union. The company does not want to give up Lightning

And well – it's hard to disagree. After many years of presence on the market, millions of accessories manufactured with Lightning connectors (Apple talks about a billion, although taking into account the deposits of products on Aliexpress – I am convinced that there are many more), the topic would be more complicated than it may

We fight for batteries for electricians. The European Union will help us

Consent to open this financing has been approved for seven countries: Germany, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Finland, France and Belgium – it is believed that thanks to this public funding around 5 additional billion euros from private investments will be unblocked on the market. The whole project is to be completed in 2031, and therefore in