I am glad that after a few episodes I gave him a chance and watched to the end. Review of the For All Mankind TV series on Apple TV +

For All Mankind can be divided into several stories, dosed from the lightest and most pleasant, to the heaviest. It is pleasant to perceive, though a bit naive, to look at training female astronauts. Due to some important events, NASA decided to send a woman to the moon and slightly naively subordinated the entire cosmic

The iconic cartoon Wolf and the Hare returns to the screens with new episodes!

My generation certainly remembers "The Wolf and the Hare", a Soviet cartoon, which was broadcast in 1969 and was created in the Moscow film studio Sojuzmultfilm. This is a fairly simple story of the adventures of a wolf trying to catch a hare. Associations with Coyote and Ostrich Pędziwiatr are perfectly in place, although the

Rick and Morty – 4th season. There is a trailer and release date for new episodes

Rick and Morty did not shine in Poland because of their presence on Netflix, because the series was known to many viewers much earlier, but the premiere of animations in Poland on this VOD site definitely contributed to the increase in its popularity. Interestingly, the repeatedly postponed removal of episodes from the three previous seasons