You can check Surface Duo today. Soon Windows 10X. There is only one catch

Microsoft yesterday celebrated "Microsoft 365 Developer Day" – during the internal holiday there were presentations on the use of two screens in building applications and environments based on tools from the giant. But that's not all – development tools have also emerged from Redmond that allow you to test Windows 10X and Surface Duo as

A laptop with two screens changes everything! Impressions after a few weeks with Zenbook Pro Duo

After all, one would like to write, someone does it differently. Designs of laptops do not sin for a simple reason – that's what a typical customer expects. Thus, atypical clients are stuck with apathy and boredom. And yet you beg to experiment here. Of course, within the limits of good taste, ergonomics and usability.

Philip Morris presents the heaters of the fourth generation IQOS 3 DUO

At first, representatives of PMI stipulated that their IQOS heaters are a product intended only for adults who smoke ordinary cigarettes on a daily basis, wanting to quit, but unable to do so without a reasonable alternative. Absolutely no smokers should reach for it. MichaƂ Mierzejewski, President of the Board and Managing Director Philip Morris