Computer and digital pen instead of paper and pencil? This is how a Polish illustrator works

Magdalena Pankiewicz is not an anonymous graphic artist who likes to scratch in her free time. She graduated from the faculty of painting at the European Academy of Arts, but is professionally involved in illustration. Her work has been published in the magazines Bluszcz, Zwierciadło, Charaktery, Japanese Commons & Sense and the Chinese Milk X.

Digital Poland Association positively assesses plans to increase PEM standards

The Ministry of Health has already submitted a relevant draft ordinance in this matter, pursuant to which the PEM standards in Poland are to be increased by up to 100 times. You can read the full justification below link (Pdf). In its justification, the Ministry cites, among others, the Institute of Communications report, about which

Poles are more eager to use digital products and services than other countries of the former communist bloc

The fact that we have adopted modern payment solutions faster from the Americans or in Europe than from the Germans is no surprise to anyone. This is explained by the fact that as a result of the transformation after the fall of communism and the change of system, we had to build a system of

Black Friday Digital Game Deals in the Microsoft store. Offers for Black Friday digital games

Microsoft is launching a Black Friday game sale. Subscribers of the Ultimate and Gold service will benefit from earlier access to the promotion, which starts today. Others will be able to use it November 25. At lower prices you can buy among others Gears 5 for 129.50 PLN, FIFA 20 for PLN 173.29, Mortal Kombat

Playboy, CKM and the company disappear from the Polish market. The publisher focuses on digital content

See also: Wyborcza with over 200,000 digital subscriptions. I pay with pleasure for such a digital press You don't have to convince anyone that the printed press is not easy. Every year it was getting harder for them, but for years the publishers decided not to give up and fight, but as the example of