Fast and the Furious 9 – trailer and release date. I laughed, but I will go to the cinema

Vin Diesel decided to take the burden of developing the entire brand on his shoulders and does not intend to let go. Recently, spin-offs, "Hobbs and Shaw" appeared in theaters, and the 9th edition will debut soon saga Fast and Furious. Torreto, played by Diesele, would like to hide in the countryside, repair cars and

We know the closing date of Wunderlist. Microsoft convinces to To-Do

Wunderlist closing date already known 2015 is a period of numerous Microsoft acquisitions. Apps and services such as Wunderlist, Sunrise and Acompli have gone under the company's wings. Based on them, a new version of mobile Outlook and To-Do was prepared, which will definitely replace Wunderlist next year. This was my favorite task list application

C64 Maxi. We know the release date and the Polish price of the new version of Commodore 64

The group of enthusiasts of new, reduced versions of old consoles is so numerous that several manufacturers have already decided to create such devices. None of them was perfect, but they found customers. C64 Maxi is a similar idea, although a different version. As I understand it, the hardware will be closer in size to