Do you also show random people in public transport sensitive data on smartphones?

I once mentioned that I like to watch what people do on their smartphones there – but this habit came from the desire to check which applications they use and which mobiles they play (which I usually do, however, when traveling). I've never been interested in the content of messenger or WhatsApp conversations. Seeing the

Firefox will give users "the ultimate weapon". Everything for data protection

The legal act gives the users much more rights to manage their data, its range is limited to the state of California in the USA. However, thanks to its introduction, all Firefox users will benefit from the ability to literally delete all the data that the browser and the manufacturer itself collected about them. And

Attack on Virgin Mobile customer database. Sensitive data has been leaked

In the evening, the first day of Christmas, Virgin Mobile announced a hacker attack on its database on its websites and social profiles. Relevant information regarding the attack was also sent to clients whose data was stolen as a result of this attack. Virgin Mobile Polska regrets that on 18-22.12.2019 there was a hacker attack