Do you have cryptocurrencies and want to buy a cheap smartphone? Look at HTC Exodus 1s

A budget smartphone for cryptocurrency fans HTC Exodus 1s is very interesting equipment. Jis the first smartphone that provides users with the functionality of a full Bitcoin node, that is, it will store the history of all transactions on the network. The budget phone has been combined with a hardware wallet for cryptocurrencies and a

How Do People Believe Unknown Cryptocurrencies? IGOBIT has become a great test

IGOBIT for the World Sports Alliance World Sports Alliance – I must admit that it sounds really nice and serious. This is the goal set by 47-year-old Asa Saint Clair, who decided that he would tell everyone who was interested in his cryptocurrency. The new currency was called IGOBIT. The author himself knew perfectly well


Turkish police arrested 24 people who were to steal 13 million Turkish liras from a cryptocurrency company in Istanbul

After reporting the alleged burglary into a cryptocurrency company in Istanbul, the police department for cybercrime stated that the stolen money was transferred directly from the hacked accounts to accounts on other exchanges. The money was allegedly stolen from the main cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple. The Turkish police then launched a suspect tracking operation

Well-known people who have invested in cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies have gained popularity in recent years. Also known people have become interested in the new technological invention – although many experts are still skeptical about the use of cryptocurrencies. Musicians, actors, and sports celebrities have decided to engage in various businesses related to cryptocurrencies. Some of them may own bitcoins worth millions of dollars.