Apple corresponds to the European Union. The company does not want to give up Lightning

And well – it's hard to disagree. After many years of presence on the market, millions of accessories manufactured with Lightning connectors (Apple talks about a billion, although taking into account the deposits of products on Aliexpress – I am convinced that there are many more), the topic would be more complicated than it may

Self-service frogs are getting closer. The nano store from the company that prepares them has already started

The ┼╗abka chain stores are growing every day – where one does not look around, another opens. But it is widely known that the company is growing all the time and there will be even more. Both the "classic" ones that we already know well – and the modern ones. Full of electronics and modern

The most ethical company is? Microsoft. That's what Americans think

However, the Americans have spoken and in a survey, Microsoft beat 921 competitors from 51 other countries. Companies were evaluated in terms of their approach to employees, clients, the community, the environment and shareholders. This choice may surprise you, but remember that Americans have a slightly different point of reference. In American society, Google is