Fast and the Furious 9 – trailer and release date. I laughed, but I will go to the cinema

Vin Diesel decided to take the burden of developing the entire brand on his shoulders and does not intend to let go. Recently, spin-offs, "Hobbs and Shaw" appeared in theaters, and the 9th edition will debut soon saga Fast and Furious. Torreto, played by Diesele, would like to hide in the countryside, repair cars and

The new decade should mean a revolution in the cinema. We haven't had any for a long time

Every once in a while revolutions happen in the world. Of course, nothing comes from day to day, it's rather processes that we have time to get used to. Technologies are changing, so is the cinematography. For example, the big breakthrough Toy Story from 1995, which radically changed the approach to animation, getting rid of

Cinema festival with a great reduction in ticket prices. On December 15 we won't go bankrupt going to the screening

Cinema Festival is a nationwide campaign that aims to promote cinematography. We often complain that cinema tickets are far too expensive. It is hardly surprising. Adults in a big city don't have an easy life at the weekend. Well, unless it's hunting for all sorts of promotions. And that's how it comes with great strides.