The e-state is constantly evolving. e-PIT will automatically calculate the discount for children

The endless development of e-PIT Appearance Your e-PIT was one of the biggest positive surprises. Although it was a state service and most often it was low, it looked good from the very beginning. Of course, the first days passed under the inability to log in due to service overload, but after a while the

SmartBee Club. Great subscription with science sets for children

"Science is fun – SmartBee Club." What is this all about? SmartBee Clu is a Polish educational program familiarizing early school children with the fields of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) – we read in the press release. In practice, this means that various types of experiments are given to the young recipient in a

child abuse social media

Instagram is the most widely used platform for sexual communication with children

The last month is quite a loud period when it comes to the issue of the use of children in social media. Of course, the most popular action takes place on YouTube, but the latest research throws not too favorable light on Instagram. What is going on? A report published by the National Association for