You cannot buy a SIM card without scanning your face. This is China

China wants to help the world Undoubtedly, facial recognition systems will gain in popularity. They offer huge opportunities and it can be seen that more countries will be interested in implementing them at home. China's achievements in this area remain particularly impressive. A lot has already been written about their citizen assessment system, and face

Braun on Black Friday – Buy one of their equipment and you will get up to PLN 300 for shopping at Decathlon and Douglas

Braun trimmers, shavers and hair trimmers have repeatedly appeared in Antyweb. This is a very well-functioning, solid device that was appreciated by both the "bearded" and the smooth shaving part of the editorial staff. Braun is starting the second edition of the campaign, in which a nice bonus awaits you if you decide to buy

How important is the appearance of the smartphone? Would you buy it if it was repulsively nasty?

Consumer electronics should be nice "Nice" is a relative term, no matter what kind of equipment we're talking about. Fiat Multipla is considered one of the ugliest cars in the world, and yet it has its lovers who claim that it is beautiful. When the second generation Renault Megane came out, I heard that the