Artificial intelligence will change our lives. Is Poland ready for this?

Automation for everyone The topic of automation and the development of artificial intelligence algorithms is extremely crucial for our future. It cannot be denied that it is these two themes that will influence changes in the labor market and they will cover all sectors, although especially a lot of good may appear for industry. It

Artificial intelligence is surprising. This time he recognizes … ancient works

Nazca drawings were first examined in 1926, but scientists are still finding more geoglyphs. Most often on them you can find animals, plants, geometric figures, people and geographical shapes. Interestingly, some of them have a length of up to about 35 kilometers – that's why they are treated especially in the environment of researchers of

Artificial human skin as an interface element. See her in the case and trackpad

Smartphone case? The first thought: protection and peace of mind, because subsequent falls seem to be at their side … less dangerous. Second thought: design – some of them really impress with their appearance and people decide to buy them for aesthetic reasons. Third thought: enlarging the phone and … hiding its beauty. Well –

Artificial intelligence in televisions is helping us today. And it will be even better

Because the Internet and television have not only a common denominator in the form of applications for VOD services. The network offers much more, as well as music, news and information. Smartphones have accustomed us to the universality of devices, which is why I was surprised when hardly any person I asked tried squeeze something