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Of course, we will come back to the issue of applications, but in this kind of material I could not open the text with my impressions of using the new generation Surface Pro. This is how you can talk about Surface Pro X, because it is a long-awaited refreshing of the Surface Pro design, which has hardly changed for several years. Microsoft updates the components inside the case, gently slims and replaces connectors, but Surface Pro remained Surface Pro. Not that I had any serious objections to such a construction, but weariness and boredom were not only granted to me, but also to regular users of these devices.

Very soon you can see all the news in Surface Pro X

Surface Pro X is a completely new hand. The tablet casing, of course also made of magnesium alloy and aluminum, is very slim (7.3 mm) and without this minimum edge clearance between two elements. Surface Pro 7 and its predecessors need it to cool the inside of the device. Surface Pro X using an ARM processor does not have such a need, so the sides of the housing can be uniform. In addition, they are slightly rounded, making the tablet very comfortable to hold. Thanks to them, it may also seem slightly smaller than it really is. Some elements, however, remained unchanged. The stand still offers any angle of inclination (up to 170 degrees), so you can work on the keyboard or using the stylus in convenient conditions. Above the screen there is a set of cameras and sensors that support logging in with the face of Windows Hello, and the proportions of the sides of the housing dictate the dimensions of the display. This one has of course a 3: 2 aspect ratio like any other Surface device.

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