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Surface Laptop 3 is an inconspicuous laptop. From the outside, it is difficult to confuse it with any other portable computer due to the shiny Microsoft logo in the middle of the cover, but the fact is that the laptop case is not one that draws attention. The computer's design is minimalistic, even raw. Microsoft was not tempted by any exceptional additions, putting on proven solutions and introducing several patches. Both edges are decorated with only four connectors in total. On the right side there is a magnetic (so a sudden jerk of the cable is not scary to him) Surface Connector for charging a laptop and connecting the docking station, while on the opposite side you will find a USB type A port, a USB type C port and a headphone connector. A minimalist or even modest set does not always meet all the user's expectations, but probably most users are already used to the need to carry adapters and other dongles. Such slender and light computers have their own compromises.

After opening the cover we will see a large, 15-inch screen with characteristic 3: 2 screen proportions and a resolution of 2496 x 1664 pixels (201 PPI). This is of course the PixelSense touch panel that works with the Surface pen. The screen supports 97% of the sRGB color palette, 72% of AdobeRGB and 75% DCI-P3, offering two color display modes: sRGB and "improved", which enhances the color saturation and contrast. If you are not working on graphics or video, then the second mode will certainly suit you more.

A separate paragraph is definitely worth devoting to the issue of changing the organization of the working environment with an increased work surface. Because this is what users who do not opt ​​for laptops with 13-inch displays expect. Working a few hours a day with text and many windows open simultaneously, as well as editing photos, I quickly appreciated the extra inches in the diagonal of the screen. The ability to resize interface elements introduces even greater flexibility, but at a 150% zoom level, everything is large enough to comfortably use the computer, while at the same time it is possible to organize a comfortable work environment, for example with two browser windows dividing the screen in half. Surface Laptop 3 does not have such narrow frames that we could expect, but their width did not bother me at all.

The best laptop keyboard I've used. Dot

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