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And it works great. The headphones themselves do not have any ANC system, but they pretty well suppress the environment – although in the subway for example some of the sounds pierced my ears. The audio quality, however, is great, well balanced bass, midrange and treble – this is important because the Switch has no equalizer. The headphones never once disconnected from the dongle, they did not cause any problems – a miracle, honey, raspberry. Arctisy are also quite loud, and the sound level can be adjusted both by the knob on the shell and the buttons on the console – great thing, because some of the cable headphones that I connected to the Switch unfortunately sounded too quiet. The Dongiel is also shapely enough that even when connected to a Switch Lite it looks good and does not spoil the visual reception of the console. Any minus? There it is – you cannot charge the console in parallel and use headphones.

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