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Thanks to public documents, we know that Microsoft is considering getting rid of the entire Start Menu from Windows 10, which would first occur in the new version of the system, namely Windows 10X. This was presented on the occasion of the debut of Surface Neo, i.e. the first two-screen device from Microsoft. Initially, we thought that Windows 10X would be a platform dedicated only to this kind of computers / tablets, but apparently some ideas implemented in the refreshed version of Windows were considered successful enough that they could reach ups on classic laptops. We are talking here first of all about abandoning the Start Menu with tiles and placing an extensive taskbar on it. This was supposed to integrate not only application shortcuts (classic icons), but also an advanced search engine and a list of suggested files and programs that we use most often.

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Only a dozen or so months ago I would find this idea absurd. The Windows Store hosted more and more classic applications that were adapted to the requirements of the platform and a large part of them supported active tiles. These allow you to quickly look at the contents of the mailbox, weather forecast, upcoming calendar events and so on. However, I noticed that I look less and less often on the Start Menu, if it is not a system startup screen like in Windows 8, and much more often I just pin the applications I need to the taskbar, I quickly open them and perform specific actions. I am not the only person who does this, and the telemetry data that goes to Microsoft are certainly more accurate than my observations, and without the support of statistics, the company would certainly not be ready to make such important decisions.

Microsoft must move forward and the Surface Neo debut is a good opportunity

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