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We wrote to you about PlayStation 5 backwards compatibility in April last year. The next information that comes to us about the console is primarily gossip and own investigations of global gaming and hardware services, which is why I'm waiting for official announcements from Sony myself – apparently some specific announcement is to appear in a few days at this year's CES in Las Vegas . However, considering how seriously the Digital Foundry website takes its work, there is hardly any reason to treat their information only as rumors.

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PlayStation 5 will have two special modes for backward compatibility

The PlayStation 5 graphics system is designed for three things and has three separate modes of operation. Gen 2 is intended for games created exclusively for PlayStation 5 and will be the basis for their operation. As I understand it, it will use its full power, while offering the highest performance so needed in new, demanding games.

Gen 1 is planned for PlayStation 4 Pro, which is a slightly improved, more powerful version of the base PS4. The Navi system will then be limited to 911 MHZ and 218 GB / s and 64 ROP, i.e. rendering units. The third mode called Gen 0 will support base games for PlayStation 4 and then Navi will be limited to 800 MHz, 176 GB / s and 32 ROP units. As I understand, the restrictions are to best reflect the operation of games on specific platforms. The only question is – how on PS4 did any production work so well, will it work so well on PlayStation 5? A little pointless, right?

And what about the backward compatibility of PlayStation, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 – this was also rumored. To be honest – I believe that the PS5 will be backwards compatible with PS4, but somehow it is difficult for me to imagine that the console was such a combine to support the production of any previous generation of "blue".

Do we really want this backwards compatibility so badly?

For me, the most important function of PlayStation 5 will be … being PlayStation 5 – a new console with new components. Equipment that will guarantee access to new, nicer, more refined games, which will no longer be limited by old "guts". But I'm writing this from the perspective of a person who has two PS4 at home, the base model and PlayStation 4 Pro. Of course, it's much cooler to put an older device in the closet and be able to play the previous generation without cluttering the flat with two consoles, but it's not so important for me to decide whether to buy PlayStation 5 or the new Xbox. But you also have to remember that there are a lot of customers who, for example, missed the previous generation and are happy to make up for older titles. And for some it will be the first console at all, so they will want to get to know older virtual adventures without having to invest in older equipment. To what extent, however, will it be crucial for the sale of devices? Just look at how the PlayStation 4 did without backwards compatibility on the market and Xbox One with backwards compatibility.

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The network also has some interesting information about SSD drives in new consoles, although they are fragments of an older German-language interview with Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft's games department. They show that due to the speed of the disks, they can be treated as virtual RAM, because the information access times will be quite similar in both cases. Unless, of course, console operating systems will be able to guarantee developers such access. The SSD will be slower than GDDR6 RAM, but it will enable fast data delivery to the processor and graphics card, which in theory should translate into better, nicer and more extensive virtual worlds and better fluidity of the game. We should be convinced at the end of the year when consoles hit the market and the first dedicated productions will appear whether fast disks will actually give something more than just shorter loading times of individual stages of the game. Only can this potential be used immediately? I honestly doubt it.

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