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If you are active Snapchat users, you probably realize that Snappables, a set of mini-games based on the use of augmented reality technology, was introduced to the application in the past year. Most likely, next month a project will be announced to expand the “gaming production” resources on the title platform.

Snapchat Games
Snapchat Games

We are not talking about the next mini-games, but full-fledged mobile products. Proof of this may be even Snap’s purchase of the Australian Prettygreat studio earlier this year, or Tencent (owner of Riot Games and League of Legends) holds a 12 percent stake in Snap Inc. When buying shares, representatives of the Chinese conglomerate said that “the cooperation possibilities regarding publishing mobile games will be explored”.

In a nutshell, everything is supposed to work on a principle similar to the gaming platform present on Facebook, where we can also find an extensive base of titles. Snapchat sees in the new idea a huge profit from advertisers or micropayment revenues. However, it is difficult to determine how the new SnapChat idea will affect the application’s reputation among users.

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Everything probably depends on how exactly the created platform and the production there will work. Although the launch of Snapchat’s gaming service is almost certain, the distance should be kept until April 4, because it was then – at the top of the company – the title platform will be announced.

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