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Skoda Citygo-e iV is the electric version of the petrol version of this car. From the outside, the differences are rather symbolic and are limited to the most aesthetically covered grill, the green letter "e" next to the name of the car or the characteristic marking "iV" on the tailgate. Even the charging connector can be found under the same flap as in the petrol version. Also after taking a seat inside it is difficult to realize at first glance that we are sitting in the electric version. So where are the batteries? In the floor, under the front seats, in the middle tunnel or under the rear seat, more or less like it was in the case of e-Golf. 168 lithium-ion modules with a total capacity of 36.8 kWh were packed there, of which 32.3 kWh was donated to the user. As a reminder, e-Golf had 35.8 kWh gross and approximately 31-31.5 kWh net. The part, as always, is reserved for system needs, including driving in emergency mode after the part made available to the user has been exhausted. And the engine? This is located on the front axle and, of course, drives the front wheels. Its parameters do not look impressive, because 61 kW (83 HP), 212 Nm and 12.5 from 0 to 100 km / h does not sound like a "powerful engine and fast car", but you know perfectly well that in electric cars it is felt completely different.

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