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Serious dismissal of employees at EA
Serious dismissal of employees at EA

Some time ago we witnessed mass redundancies at Activision. Several hundred people said goodbye at the time, and the company’s restructuring and prospective development were the reason for the whole situation. A similar step was taken by Electronic Arts, which “got rid of” 350 employees – mainly from marketing, publishing and other fields.

This is at least from the e-mail sent to employees by the head of EA, Andrew Wilson. He also gives the cause of cuts the “desire to improve customer service and change some international strategies”. The CEO gave very eloquent words to employed people:

Our vision is to become World’s Greatest Games Company. If we are to be honest with each other, we still miss this goal. We need to work hard on our games, our relationship with the community and general activities. Throughout the company, teams are already taking action to provide users that we are creating games and services with high quality. In addition, we improve our Frostbite tools, and we focus on network productions and cloud computing. We want to close the gap in the relationship between us and the players.

When the above information came to light, EA decided to send a message explaining the whole incident to the Kotaku portal. In fact, it is largely a repetition of what Andrew has included in the employee list, but a certain part is distinguished from the whole statement.

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It’s a difficult day. The changes we are introducing today will affect about 350 roles in our 9,000-strong company. These are necessary but very difficult decisions and we ensure that we undertake them with a heavy heart. We are EA friends and co-workers, we appreciate the contribution of each of us and we do everything in our power to ensure everyone that we care for our people. We will help them find another job. This is our highest priority at this moment.

It turns out that the company will also provide dismissed workers with severance pay. Unfortunately, the details of its height are unknown, but it is to be satisfactory for all who lose their jobs. Interestingly, one person allegedly contacted the editorial staff of Kotak allegedly was in the group of those released 350 representatives of EA.

The cuts were to be expected by the employees from October, when the company froze the recruitment process and does not allow business trips. People responsible for marketing and those in the publishing department knew what they were cutting and finally found out what they were standing for.

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