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Lauren S. Hissrich and Tomasz Bagiński, a showrunner and executive producer of the series "The Witcher" for Netflix found themselves at the center of a new clip published by the site. The recording, lasting over 8 minutes, is a kind of analysis of the previously released trailer of the series, which will debut on December 20. The fans still have more than a month of waiting for the screening of all episodes of the first season of "The Witcher", which is why any material revealing the remains of information on production is at a premium.

Every time you see Geralt fighting, Henry Cavill actually fights. Hnery performs all these scenes alone – Lauren S. Hissrich

In the seething "The Witcher. What did the creators hide in the trailer? "We have the opportunity to hear the reactions of Lauren and Tomasz to the next scenes from the" The Witcher "trailer and learn, among other things, that in all the scenes Henry Cavill took part personally, also, and perhaps above all in those in which Geralt confronts his opponents. We also hear that the body structure seen in the shots is 100% Cavill. Hissrich also points out the importance of the revival motif in the entire series – Yennefer does it in a much more expressive way, and Bagiński adds that this character changes over the course of subsequent episodes. In the case of Geralt, this is more subtle, change is much slower, which results, among others, from learning to be a Witcher.

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Bagiński emphasizes that sexuality and brutality are very important in the presented world, as well as deeply rooted in characters. These are elements that push the story forward – argues Hirssrich. The translation that they did not want to shock the audience in this way, because the story itself is engaging enough sounds, as if the showrunner subtly pointed her finger at Game of Thrones, a series that some accused of this type of play. A controversial subject was also addressed and the question "where is the second sword" recurring like a boomerang – Tomasz Bagiński explains that Geralt has both swords: one for monsters, the other for humans. In the trailer, we watch it mainly with a steel blade, which is placed on the back, and yet it uses the second one more often, because the threat comes more often from people. "We have not forgotten the second sword. He is there all the time – by the horse. As it was presented in the stories of Andrzej Sapkowski, "concludes Bagiński.

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The rest of the curiosities about the content of the trailer "The Witcher" can be found in the material attached below, I also encourage you to familiarize yourself with new photographs from the first episodes of the series. We see, among others, Queen Calanthe, Sir Lazlo (played by Maciej Musiał) or Geralt waiting for a confrontation.

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"The Witcher" will debut on Netflix on December 20 – then all 8 episodes will appear on the platform. We got to know the titles of some of them, and recent reports indicate that "The Witcher" should last seven seasons – such plans are made by Lauren S. Hissrich, who in one of the interviews said that the plot is written in 7 series.










Photos: Katalin Vermes

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