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Maybe Martin Scorsese was offended that no label wanted to release Irishman and he had to end his contract with Netflix, but now I think he's over it. This cooperation is the best that could happen to this film. The director gave up complaining about superhero cinema. Maybe because there is currently nothing big about theaters. Maybe we'll hear something from Scorsese at the end of the year when the leaders are leading star Wars? We'll see. Of course, this does not mean that he has come to terms with what the world looks like. IN interview admitted to Petere Travers from Rolling Stonethat he has a negative attitude towards watching movies on phones.

Let's choose screens tailored to the ego of directors!

He clearly emphasized that watching production on small screens is pointless. He admitted large iPads, but with difficulty. Let's face it, it needs big televisions or even movie theaters. I'm not surprised at all. I am not a fan of watching anything except YouTube on my phone. Maybe because I have an iPhone SE whose screen is not really suitable for such things? Maybe I'd sing differently with a big display. Although I honestly doubt it. It doesn't seem very comfortable to me. It is not enough that you have to arrange yourself well or keep your equipment still, it is also good to look closely. I have good eyesight, and it bothers me anyway. Of course, there were also those who decided to mock the director.

Scorsese was similarly skeptical of the idea watching Irishman in the parts, like a miniseries. He admitted that it didn't even occur to him. He sees his own work as a unified whole that needs a one-time meeting with attention to detail to properly resonate and surprise with its ending. Dividing a long screening can also be considered a new-fashion idea. In the age of series sit down to a movie lasting over three hours? Come on! However, it exceeds some of them. Filmmakers have already got used to us for short screenings, so now productions that reach two and a half hours are considered long. And this one Irishman? The peak of everything.

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A good change at Netflix. I've waited so long for her and everyone will benefit

While I treated Scorsese's earlier complaints with a grain of salt, I can understand them. They relate directly to the reception of art. His own art. They don't relate to whining about business around. Of course, what he says are just suggestions. Each artist may wish that his work be received in a specific way, and each recipient can have these requests in deep respect. Nevertheless, it is worth paying attention to the authors' suggestions. In the end it is their manifestation. They know best how the vision of this work was created in their heads. Fascinated by a specific idea, they can love a child, for example, a movie. No wonder that they wholeheartedly want viewers to approach him as closely as possible to their ideals, because this seems to them the most right and full. Sometimes they are wrong.

Let's give viewers a chance to interpret art

Everyone receives art in their own way. The advice of the creator can only discourage the viewer from the work, and when he approaches the topic in his own way, suddenly everything will become clear and perfect. With brilliant works, the matter looks special. I think that in this type of productions everyone who watches it has its own screening behind it. At one time, a hundred people can watch a movie in one cinema and each of them will see something completely different. This is what the magic of cinema is all about and not much production can boast of. For many people Irishman and other works of Scorsese belong to this narrow group. So maybe it's worth listening to Martin sometimes?

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