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Here, an intelligent city parking system comes to the rescue. Rzeszów will be the first city in Poland to have one

Asseco Data Systems will perform for Rzeszów the first visual monitoring of vacancy. How will this work? Within the city, cameras coupled to the neural network and a system analyzing data related to the parking space will be installed. From there, the data will be shared on interactive road signs and sent directly to the mobile application designed for residents.

The expansion of the paid parking zone in Rzeszów is a unique smart city project. In addition to the metering and monitoring system, we will also build a data transmission system here, which will be a relay between the Surveillance Center and all system elements, and modernize the Data Processing Center. Importantly, fiber optic network infrastructure will be built in the center of Rzeszów, using the existing LMDS and MESH network, which in the future will allow connection with other urban facilities. The capital of Podkarpacie will thus be the first city in Poland to use MESH 5G technology

Paweł Sokołowski – Asseco Data Systems

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There will be integration with other service providers. Rzeszów "feels" the smart city idea

I am glad that at the system design stage it was thought to create integration with other applications – also those that allow the purchase of a parking ticket. For now, no information has been provided about which platforms they will be. I assume, however, that it will probably be MoBilet and SkyCash, one of the most important players in this field.

Although I use the city parking lots very rarely (I have my own underground parking space in the block where I live), and I have room to leave the car under the office, I am glad that such a solution is appearing in Rzeszów. This will significantly affect the quality of life of some residents, and will also significantly increase the status of Rzeszów in the arenas: national and international. You know – "the only such system in Poland" – it just sounds proud.


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