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Russia is taking great steps towards internet censorship and is now planning to hit VPNs. Already next month it is planned to introduce a blockade for 9 services of this type. The Russian Roskomnadzor, which is the state regulator of media and communication, wants to do it. However, one of the VPNs has been adapted to the new rules.

The above services must be adapted to the new regulations. Otherwise, the Russians will block them. They plan to do it within the next month, so in July at the latest. For now, no wind, as Roskomnadzor intends to block “banned” VPNs. This has not been explained.

A VPN is a very good way to browse the internet anonymously. This is another element to protect our privacy and security. Computers should also be protected by an anti-virus program that protects us against malicious software, which is full on the network. A list of the most popular such programs and their current prices can be found below.

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