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I honestly admit that until I lost a few (teen) hours to Wikipedia, I did not realize how often I reach for it. Of course, real learning begins where the internet is not able to help at all (that's a fact), but I regularly review various materials in the largest online encyclopedia, also checking the sources from which it draws information. But according to Vladimir Putin as a source of knowledge it is not very reliable – and it's time to replace it. Therefore, Russia will soon have its own, proprietary, online encyclopedia, in which you will not have to worry about the quality of information.

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Instead of Wikipedia – the author's encyclopedia. A new project to provide more reliable information

The proposal on the part of Vladimir Putin assumes the replacement of Wikipedia with the electronic version of the Great Russian Encyclopedia – this change would offer reliable information in an accessible, contemporary form. But the project for which Russia is preparing appears to be a huge undertaking, which will cost at least tens of millions of dollars. In addition to creating a web portal full of knowledge, a special science center would also be created to support the online encyclopedia.

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Does Wikipedia have any cause for concern? It is difficult to say – on the one hand, the emergence of one project … does not exclude the coexistence of another. On the other hand, some of you probably still remember that in 2015 the Russian-language Wikipedia page on marijuana was blocked in connection with blocking all kinds of drug-related content. And looking at the following changes in Russia (including those related to the potential ban on the sale of smartphones, if there are no pre-installed local applications) – anything can happen.


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