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The title of the film includes the name of the bodyguard, who was responsible for the safety of people participating in a series of concerts and other events organized on the occasion of the Olympic Games in Atlanta in 1996. Richard wanted to become a real law enforcement officer. On the way to this goal, he managed to work as a security guard on the university campus, and in his achievements he also had a short period when he wore a badge. Unfortunately, not all of his features and beliefs coincided with what his superiors expected of him, and his intentions were often misunderstood. Because of this, the man got into trouble and was misunderstood. He saw law enforcers as a unique and infallible group, so when he had to face them, Jewell began to have serious problems.

While on duty during one of the concerts, Richard found a backpack tucked under the bench. Acting in accordance with the procedures, he raised the alarm, but despite the efforts of all the services on site, the bomb explosion could not be avoided. Many people were injured, two were killed, but the final result would be much worse if it wasn't for Jewell. The security guard was quickly proclaimed a hero, he was in the media, and they constantly praised the man. Everything changed in an instant when one of the newspapers reported that the FBI was looking at Jewell as an assassin. It was enough for Richard to become a terrorist, even though he was not charged. The information about the investigation was enough.

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Pathos deficiency is a big plus of the film

Clint Eastwood's movie with Billy Ray's screenplay shows us this story step by step. We faithfully watch the scene of events, and from time to time we have the chance to see archival television recordings from that period. All this builds a very credible picture, which is complemented by the character played by Paul Walter Hauser. He managed to recreate the way Richard Jewell talked and moved to such an extent that in some scenes one could have doubts whether he was still the actor in the film. Sam Rockwell, Jon Hamm and Olivia Wilde try to echo him, but none of them showed their talent in this film. They did their job properly. Kathy Bates playing mother Jewella was shining – the scenes with her participation were very convincing.

I came across many opinions that Eastwood's film is missing something. In fact, you can get such an impression, because throughout most of the movie tension and emotions are kept at the same level. Such static may bore some, but I am grateful to the director that he did not decide on any additional fireworks, loud and pathetic music during some dialogues or speeches. This would then make the film artificially inflated pathos, while the story itself already sounds right. In the background music often resounds, but quite gently, they do not pay almost any attention. The film has some nice shots, but in this respect "Richard Jewell" will definitely not be remembered by me.

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"Richard Jewell" is an important and necessary movie

"Richard Jewell" is an important movie because it shows how strong the media is using an authentic example. Their building and destructive power is enormous, as Richard Jewell just learned about a quarter of a century ago. Today, the realities are completely different, mainly due to the existence, popularity and range of the Internet. And I have the impression that this change is not in our favor. Not always, anyway.

"Richard Jewell" movie rating – 7/10

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