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Every once in a while a phenomenon appears in the world. The world of movies is no exception. I know that Oscars are the most important award in terms of marketing, but it is the Cannes festival that rewards outstanding works. It is to this festival that we should direct our eyes if we want to know the best productions, not those that will be the loudest. Paraiste received the Golden Palm in Cannes. After seeing it, it became obvious to me how it happened. This is a unique movie that we should not be afraid of. After many efforts (eventually thanks to Gutek Film) Parasite in general it went to Polish cinemas. There has been a lot of talk about him for some time and it has brought results. The opening weekend became the most watched Asian film in Polish distribution, receiving the first place … The entrance of the dragon. Do not be afraid that this is a film from a country that we know little about. The realities presented in it will quickly become close to you. Don't be afraid of language either. The subtitles and actors' play will compensate for everything.

Parasite surprises and captivates

The film director often asked the viewers not to be spoiled, so I will present the story carefully. Parasite is about a poor Korean family. Thanks to the recommendation of a friend (and several counterfeits), the son receives a job as a high school English tutor from a very rich family. He quickly begins to implement a plan that will allow him to get to work for the rich sister and parents. Well, that's enough. Don't be afraid though, the movie is not so simple or boring. Observing the main characters' attempts to change their social status is very interesting. If you think that Poles are combinators, you have not yet seen what the Koreans are capable of! Most of the things that happen as the story unfolds are unpredictable. Several times during the screening, I opened my eyes wider, unable to believe what I saw. Share Parasite spins like a real locomotive. He slowly moves forward, pull the wagons behind him and accelerates steadily to finally run ahead very quickly.

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History is incredibly addictive. It's very easy to like the main characters. Parasite combines several species. It all starts with a comedy that I really liked the sense of humor. In this way, the creators wanted to bring us the main characters and arouse sympathy. Over time, the production turns into a drama and even a thriller. Everything goes very smoothly and naturally. Although we do not expect the next scene, when it comes to an end, we know that it could not have happened otherwise and that is how it should look. Joon-ho Bong is a great director. He outlined the class differences and heroes' ills very well, which in time definitely take on significance. He created a very interesting and relevant social commentary.

IN Parasite everything went well

Not only the script and direction in Parasite they are excellent. All actors deserve praise. You really don't need to speak Korean fluently to receive their playing with all your senses. Pictures are also beautiful. To date, I have a few beautifully built frames in my head – especially from the home of the rich and the rain scenes. Parasite it is told in a modern, poetic, light, subtle and daring way. This cinema, which "enters" the recipient very easily, does not cause any problems with assimilation, and at the same time is an absolutely refined work at the highest level. If I were to cling to something, I would expect more development and clarification of individual threads. But this is just my stupid vision that would unnecessarily make the film longer.

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When such a movie happens, the heart is happy. There are so many amazing works of art in the world that we may never even hear of. When there is an opportunity to learn something outside our circle of interest, it is worth reaching for it. Reasons to watch Parasite you can find some. First of all, it's just a phenomenal movie. Secondly, it is worth knowing what is being said about cinema today. Thirdly, the session entertains, surprises and inspires reflection. And fourthly, maybe in company you will be able to go out for more culturally educated, if you do not make big eyes on the memory of Asian or generally exotic cinema, and throw it nonchalantly: "Yes, yes. Seen * m Parasite. Nice nice I appreciate such a cinema. "

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