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Every video game fan knows this unwritten rule that everything tastes better in a good team. Even these mediocre titles, by playing together with family and friends, gain so much shine that it is difficult to tear yourself away from them. In the 21st century, everything is much simpler than years ago: though mode hot chairs with good liquor and endless conversations, it is unmatched, more and more games offer the option of online fun. And even if they don't have one, on Steam … they already have! All thanks to Remote Play Together – a new feature that allows any network mode multiplayer also run online.

Remote Play Together: Does your favorite game only have multiplayer locally? This is not a problem anymore!

The function is perfect in its simplicity and … let's not hide. It is not like that there were no similar tricks before: but they required players to add additional combinations, install new software, etc. Now all of this becomes associated with the favorite platform of most PC stunters: Steam. What's more – it works not only between computers with Windows, Linux or macOS on board. Its creators went a step further. They also took care of support for smartphones and tablets with Android and iOS on board!

Instantly share your local multiplayer games with friends over the internet for free.
Using Remote Play Together, only one player owns the game and starts it, after which up to four players – and with a fast connection even more – can join the fun together.

How does this work in practice? The host player simply needs to install and start the game, while all invited players can simply join it. On a PC – using Steam Remote Play, while on mobile the Steam Chat and Steam Link applications will be used. The only requirement is connecting to the internet, and – of course – having a game to which we want to invite the team.

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It sounds really cool and intriguing – but, unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to test this solution myself yet. However, I assume in advance that it will not work in every possible situation: I imagine that it will be quite embarrassing in live action games. And I mean not only the issue of delay, but also control. And I mean here mainly the mobile issue – although in times when even connecting it to the iPhone and iPad is not a big problem, maybe I exaggerate.

On promotional streamie presenting how it works – everything works perfectly, but it probably doesn't surprise anyone. For players, the challenge is not even having fun together in a game that requires such reflexes and perfect timers, which Cuphead is undoubtedly. It is strange that we have been told so much to implement Remote Play Together, but better late than never. And for encouragement – it is just ongoing solid discount for multiplayer games!

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