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Opinions on the movie are divided. There are plenty of admirations to which I attach my voice, but complaints are also quite loud. Not only for the film, but also for good reviews. Are we trying to make something more of a Joker (movie) than what it really is? This psychological drama is the original genesis of one of the most recognizable characters in comic cards and the greatest opponent of Bat Man. Without disclosing too much, I will write that it is even marked in the film, but you will not know the details during the screening, I will not spoil you with surprises.

Don't put it in the Joker

The joker is often compared to a taxi driver, which is not fair. I'm not saying that both movies should be placed side by side, just as comparisons with any of the films from the Marvel universe will not be correct. The entertainment cinema that Disney serves us is something completely different and in that case many viewers and critics have no resistance to assessing these productions within a certain category. It is said that as action films based on comics they are extremely successful projects and it is difficult to agree with this, but a similar approach, with the same common sense, also apply to Joker, which is not trying to be something more than it is.

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