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Swipe Night, because that is the name of the idea, was available only in the USA so far, where it enjoyed quite a lot of popularity – at least according to Match, the company responsible for the dating site Tinder. Apparently, millions of service users have decided to watch the next episodes. Therefore, Match intends to release Swipe Night outside the US in early 2020.

Tinder is based on a fairly simple mechanism and is probably why it is so popular around the world. After creating an account and adding photos, the application remembers our location and displays to us profiles of other people from the area. If we think that someone "caught our eye", we move to the right, if not – to the left. Added to this is superlike, which means that we highlight a given profile. If the person whose profile we have shifted to the right has done the same, Tinder will allow us to talk. And how to monetize the idea? Free accounts have a certain number of shifts to the right, so if we want to have more of them, we buy a subscription. Simple and apparently effective – I talked to friends and was a pretty popular way to meet new people. Is the best? I do not think so, but I do not judge it.

Swipe Night introduces a bit of freshness to Tinder, because it is nothing but the Black Mirror: Bandersnatch on Netflix, an interactive story that we ourselves (though only to a limited extent) we lead. We will get questions, while the answers will change the narrative of the story, which centers around a group of friends facing the apocalypse. That is standard American cinema for young people. It is neither ambitious nor interesting, but it is nice to watch on a gloomy Friday evening.

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The difference to other such materials on the internet is that it affects our profile on Tinder. Would it rather help (or harm) us in the initial conversation with the new couple in a way indicating if if you were together in the situation presented in the series, you would do the same. I have not seen Swipe Night myself, but from what I read there appears, for example, the topic of betrayal, so maybe it will actually be somehow helpful in searching for the love of your life.

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Of course, this does not sound like attempts to occur on the market for video content streaming Tinder, but it significantly affected the involvement of users – 26% more pairings and 12% more sent on the news site. According to the manufacturer of the application, the Swipe Night series increased the involvement of women on Tinder.

I would ask if you are waiting for Swipe Night in Poland, but you don't use Tinder.


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